About Us

The Dickson clan is making squirrel picnic tables, as well as birdhouses and much more! The father and son duo are working hard together creating items of interest for anyone, while the rest of the team helps with any other requests (like making this website)!

Personalized Approach

Our Story!

Our youngest son, Jasper, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome back in July of 2016. Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetics disorder that affects 1 in 15,000 kids. He has severe epilepsy along with developmental delays, balance issues, he is non-verbal and will need life-long care. We are the walk coordinators for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO. We fund-raise for the ASF year-round because the non-profit works with our families by giving us resources, support and providing research to find the CURE!

Life Skills

Our family is an out of the norm bunch. We are more of a learn as you go, stick together and enjoy each other's company type. We love to show our kids new things and we teach as we go. We are the sit down for dinner, read a book outside, camping family that loves working as a team! We're all learning new things daily, as we grow our family.  

For select items we will be donating a portion to the 

Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Winged Woodworking

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